Sunday, June 27, 2010

Launch Night and Turn 1 events.

Things have gotten interesting on Acadia Prime (and now it's yet to be named moon).

We had a good turnout of 6 players for the first night, 4 of which brought 1000 point armies to play.

We built the map, placed structures, and selected tiles.  First turn matchups,
The Tau, and Guard players faced off in a Tau counter attack mission from the Battle missions book.  The Tau took this ranged fire fight with 3 units killed to none, two of the units lost for the 95th were Straken's command squad and Marbo.  So the 95th will not have access to those two characters for the next game.

Space Marines and Space Wolves also had Battle missions fight.  I was too busy with my fight to notice the happenings over on the other table, other than the Space Wolves won the fight.

The Orks and Dark Angels might meet later this week, in an Ork Waaaagh Battle mission.

Had some spare time this afternoon and with the help of the kiddos, we built the moon for our two remaining players that couldn't make it Saturday night.  To do make things fair for them I had to pull a spaceport tile out of the map so every player would have one at the start of the game.  The Greenhouse Guardians had two spaceport tiles at the start, so I pulled one from him with the understanding that the tile would be replaced with a Ruin and a structure of his choice on that tile. He has yet to get back to me with that tile.  To make the structures fair I gave the moon one of each type of structure, and then had the kids place them on the map.  Turned out that their were two near each of the spaceports so, I rolled a direction die saying the Eldar player will take the spaceport  in the direction of the arrow, and the Chaos marine player would get the other one.

I finished painting up the flags, then moved some of the colors around to make it easier to see who is who.  The Orks now have yellow flags with green poles, the Dark Angels got the Dark Angel green flags that the 95th had been using.  The Tau now have Orange flags with Brown poles and the 95th took the Tan flags that the Tau had used during the map build.  Chaos Marines now have their Red and black flags and the Eldar have their Blue and white flags.

That's all for tonight.  Had a great time rolling the dice last night guys.

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