Thursday, June 24, 2010

T-Minus 2 days, Updated the Map Icons for online map.

Took some time last night and updated the icons for the online map.  Created a whole new batch that were pulled right from the GW site.  Also added the Polar region icon which will be in the 4 polar region tiles.
The map is clickable to show in a full screen mode and make the details out a little better.

As of this moment we have six players with two potentials joining us on Saturday.  Starting with 6 tiles each that will make a map of 36- 48 tiles, good size, seeing as there are 50 tiles available.  48 in the planetary empires box and the 2 hive city tiles I got. 

  One of the things Campaigns struggle with is keeping the players interested to it's conclusion.  I'm hoping with all the rules options (Every single expansion to 5th editions) that we have, plus the online map, plus the wide range of opponents we can keep this one going for a while.  We are an older group, and we are lucky to play once a month.  The great part about these rules is that should someone miss 6 months or drop out entirely it doesn't really matter, their tiles will just sit there while the others keep playing.
The only issue is when it comes to ending the campaign.  The Planetary empires rules state you have to play every opponent at least once.  Well what if someone drops or someone really doesn't have a desire to play one of the other players.
Few of options we have  to deal with this...

1) Stick with the rules, and wait it out.

2) If someone is MIA and hasn't played a game for 3 months straight they are removed from the "Must play to win" group.  They are still part of the campaign, and they must play everyone else if they rejoin the campaign to have a change to win.  But if someone has 10 tiles and only needs to play 1 person that has not been around for 3 months to win, I think we will call them the winner.

3) Forfeit a loss to the person you do not wish to play.  This will count as a game played against that person and they will get a roll to take a Non-Hive city or Non-Spaceport tile of their choosing.  This will take care of the "I really don't want to play him." moments.

T-Minus two days folks...

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