Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kinda fizzled...Spearhead rules.

Yeah I know the Campaign kinda fizzled. 

But the good news is that the leg work has been done for when we are motivated enough to start another one, all the stuff we need will be here.

Saying that...GW released the spearhead rules on their Astronomican site yesterday.  So you won't have to own the White Dwarf to have those rules.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Start of Turn 3, August 2010

Map, Start of Turn 4 (Aug 2010)

Campaign Standings Start of Turn 3. (Unchanged from turn 2)

End of Turn 2(July) and Handling Draws.

So another turn has come and gone.  Still working out the details.

So after some discussion we have added some rules for Draws to keep the campaign moving along.

If you should happen to get a Draw with an goes to a Roll off.

1) Each player rolls a D6 with the higher roll being the winner.
2) The loser then chooses for the winner if they can attempt to take a tile or build a structure.
3) The winner then can choose which tile to attempt to take, or which type building he wishes to build and where he wishes to build it.
4) The winner then makes his roll, with the -2 marginal victory modifier to the roll.

This draw rule will help move the campaign along.  Couple caveats for this rule.

A) Draws happening before the July turn will remain Draws...
B) A City Tile can not be selected by the winner for an attempted capture, due to the must be a city fight  battle...unless the draw happened in a city fight.
C) Final Victory...If the player is going for their 10th must be a pure victory and not just a draw, the losing player must select "Build a structure" if the winner has 9 tiles.

We had 3 battles this month.

Marines vs. Space Wolves...Draw...Space wolves won the Draw roll off, Marines chose for the Wolves to build something,  Space Wolves attempted a Factory...but failed the die roll.
Guard vs. Marines (Spearhead)...Draw....Guard won the Draw Roll off, Marines chose build something, Guard attempted a shield generator and  made the roll (needed 4, rolled 10).

Guard vs Marines (Planetstrike)...Guard Victory...Guard attempted to take the non-adjacent Marine factory tile/ (needing an 8 rolled a 4).