Friday, June 4, 2010

Forging Acadia (Building the map)

So, here is the draft of how we will be building the map for our 40k campaign.

1) Randomize the tile build order of the players there.

2) Draw a tile from the box.  The tiles are double sided, so be sure to have one side up and one side down.  the side up will be the side we will use.  The player may swap their tile with either a Hive City tile, or a Spaceport tile and place that tile instead.  After the first tile, all tiles must be placed so they touch two other tiles.  Spaceport tiles may not be adjacent to other spaceport tiles.  Hive City tiles may not be placed within two tiles of another Hive City (must have at least two tiles between them).  Continue until all players have placed 6 tiles.

3) Roll a scatter die near the map, the arrow points to the direction of the "North Pole".  Choose 2 tiles on each (4 total) the "North" and "South" poles.  These areas will be considered the "Polar" regions for the campaign and have freezing temps and winter conditions.  Winter War rules may be used in battles over these areas (Only impacts Planetstrike, Cities of Death and the extreamely rare Apocalypse games).

4) Randomize the building placement order of the players.

5) Each player in turn will place a "Structure" on a tile if they wish.  The structures being Command Bastions, Power Stations, Manufactorum and Shield Generators.  Each have a different impact on either actual battles or the roll after the battle to see if you capture an opponents tile (A hive city tile has the abilities of all the tiles combined).  The players continue around unit one player says they don't want to play any more buildings.  The remaining players may if they wish place one more building until it gets back around to the player that didn't want to.  The impact of each of the buildings is different depending upon the army you are playing, meaning Imperial guard get more use out of a Manufactorum, where Eldar get more use out of a power station.  Hive City Tiles may not have a structure placed upon it. (They are good enough as they are and the shield generator would just get confusing) 

6) Randomize the player order for Tile selection.

7) The first player will select a tile, placing their flag on that tile.  then the second, etc.  We will do a flip flop order like a fantasy draft where the last player will select a tile then the order of selection is reversed with the last player picking another tile, and back through all the players in reverse order.  The flip flop will continue until all players have selected 6 tiles.  When selecting a tile you MUST select one that is adjacent to a tile you already own if at all possible.

Now the map is complete.

For a prettier version of what you just read only with pictures...follow the link below.


  1. Added the rule about not placing structure on Hive City Tiles.

    If we allowed this, the Guard player could place a shield generator on the city (Double shielded) forcing the opponent to need a 12 to take the tile.

  2. Added Rules about creating the poles to incorporate the Winter War rules from the GW website.