Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Planet Acadia, background.

The Acadia system is homeworld to the Greenhouse Guardians, Space Marines Chapter.  Acadia Prime, an Agro-world  is located in Segmentum Ultima, in the Dominion of Storms region just east of the Corinthe system.

Acadia was granted to the Guardians just after their founding, and quickly grew into one of the most productive systems in the segmentum.  Centuries of growth have seen the population expand, and Acadia now has not one, but two hive cities.  To help secure the now vital planet, a detachment of Imperial Guard has been stationed there.  The Mordian 95th Rifle regiment have recently been assigned to Acadia, after an extended deployment about the Mealstrom.

Acadia has seen it's share of conflict.  Eldar, and Ork forces have tread on Acadia Prime.  As have Chaos Marine and Traitor Guard forces attacked the system as they struck out of the Maelstrom.  Many ruins cover the planets surface telling tales of battles long forgotten.

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