Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter War Rules...

  Digging around I found some pretty cool (pun intended) rules for winter warfare right on the GW website.
So I added them into our campaign rules.  Chances are they may come into play in only a couple of battles for the campaign, but it will add variety to those games.

  Here is how they will work.

  During setup, after the map is made but before the buildings are placed, roll a scatter die by the map.  The arrow points to the "North Pole" and the "Top" of our map.  Use your best judgment and select two tiles on the "Top" of the map for the "North Pole".  Then choose the two tiles that are on the "Bottom" of the map directly opposite of the North pole, this is the South pole.  For the purposes of the campaign the are the Polar regions of Acadia and will always have Winter like conditions.  Yes, there is a chance one or both City tiles will end up in a Polar tile.  Unlikely, but possible.

  Polar tiles provide a -1 to the takeover the tile roll at the end of the turn.

  A Polar tile also offers up different Stratagems to the players to use in Planetstrike and Cities of Death Games.  They have no impact on regular 40k, Battle Missions, or Spearhead games.

  The rules are there for Winter War Apocalypse, but it is extremely unlikely that all the defenders would possess their own polar tile, by defenders I mean people that lost the choose which type of game to play against your opponent roll.  Course now that I mention how unlikely it is...It will happen in the first couple turns.  So the rules are there, and if all parties agree go for it.

  I've place the link for the Winter War rules over in the "Helpful Campaign Links"  as well as below.
Stay frosty...

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