Monday, June 7, 2010

To take a tile...or to build/swap a structure.

So here are the proposed rules for the end of the turn (Month).

For each battle you have won you may attempt to take a tile from the opponent you have beaten.

The person with the most tiles goes first.  If there is a tie then the the person with the most victories that month goes first.  If still tied, person with fewest losses goes first.  Roll off for ties after that.  The person rolling will roll for all their victories before the next player rolls.

The Planetary Empires rules mention about building additional structures after the map has been built.  After reading through the rules four times, damned if I can find those rules for adding buildings during the campaign.
So to make things as simple as possible, we will treat building creation just like taking a tile.  Same die roll, same modifiers.  You may, rather than attempting to take a tile, add a structure to one of the tiles you already own.  Having a tile adjacent to the tile you wish to build on is important, as you will need a 7+ base to build on an isolated tile that you own.  Yes the modifiers apply to the building attempt (tougher to build with spaceport traffic, opponent shield generator disrupts construction security, etc).  You may only attempt to build or swap one structure per turn, but you may attempt to do that at any point of the end turn phase (before, after or between your attempts to take tiles).

Each tile may only have one "Structure" on it.  Spaceports tiles are not considered "structures" so you may place a structure in one of those tiles.  Hive City tiles already have all the structures in them so may not take an additional structure.

You may also attempt to swap out an existing structure.  Say as an Imperial Guard player you want swap a power station for a shield generator.  You may attempt to do this using the "swapping" modifier on the table below.

To take a tile or add a structure, select the tile you wish to attempt to take or build on.

Roll 2d6.

  • If the tile is adjacent to a tile you already own 3+ to succeed.
  • If the tile is not adjacent on a 7+ to succeed.
Modifiers to the die roll:
-2 if it was a minor victory.
-1 if tile has ruins, defense lines or swamp
-2 if tile is a Spaceport
-1 if tile is a Hive City
-1 if the tile is in a polar region
-(#) if the tile contains or is adjacent to an opponents shield generator (# determined by army)
-1 for each additional attempt after the first.
+1 if you "tabled" your opponent
+2 if swapping a structure (only one attempt per turn but may happen any time during end turn attempts)

*These modifiers are stackable (Yes, multiple shields stack)
*Spaceport tiles are considered adjacent to all other Spaceport tiles.
* Scenarios/rulesets that do not define minor / major victory will be considered major victories
* Roll of a 12 always succeeds
* Roll of a 2 always fails

That's all for now...

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  1. Added Polar region modifier to table. Clarified that only one attempt to swap structures may be made per turn.

    Also added the max number of structures is limited by the pieces available, so no more than 12 of any one type of structure will be on the map at any time.