Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Testing the Campaign Standings chart

  So here is the Campaign standings chart.  This chart along with the campaign map will allow players who access this blog, the ability to set up games in locations away from the physical map.  At the end of every turn I will update the Map and Standings chart.  There is a link over in the side bar for quick access to the map and Standings chart too.

  How does the chart work?  Well, it shows the resources available to any given army for a battle at that time.  In the example above the Space Wolves control a Hive City and one of each type of structure, the 95th Rifles only hold one of each type of structure.  They set up a battle choosing the points first, say 1500pts.  Then they would roll off to see who gets to choose the type of battle, The 95th wins and chooses an Omega Level City fight in hopes that if he wins he can take the Hive city from the Wolves player.  Then they consult the campaign standings chart and the Structures rules (link over to the right).

*  They have the same number of tiles so there are no bonus points awarded for having fewer tiles than your opponent.  Remember this works opposite of what you would normally think.  For every tile less than your opponent you own you get 50 more points for your army build.  This is to represent them having to spread their forces thinner to cover more ground.
*  The Wolves have 20 Power generated to only 6 for the 95th Rifles,  3x the number, So the Wolves will have +3 to the Choosing a side roll, +3 to the who goes first roll, and +3 to all his reserve rolls.  
*  The Wolves have 20 enhanced training points to only 8 for the 95th, 2x the number so the Wolves player after he builds his army can roll a d6 two times, on 4+ he can give a Universal Special rule to one of his units.
*  The Wolves player has 12 Army Supply points to only 11 for the 95th.  Having more the Wolves player gets to add 50 points to his build total, meaning he can field a force of 1550 points.

That's pretty much it.  You can see the advantage of having structures and Hive City tiles.

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