Sunday, June 20, 2010

Campaign kickoff date set, tiles complete, & a third table.

  We have a confirmed date for the campaign start.  Saturday June 26th.  plan is to gather between 4-5pm, have a little BBQ then build the map, place structures, choose starting tiles, and play a couple of 1000pt games.

  We now have 5 confirmed armies for the campaign (Guard, Space Marines, Space Wolves, Eldar, Chaos Marines) with 3 more players that have been invited.
  As you can see I have completed the base tiles from the Planetary Empires set.  All the tiles other than the spaceport tiles are doublesided, so there is a wide range of possibilities for the Map.  I have two Hive City tiles that have been base coated, and all the structures that have been base coated and washed.  Still got to paint the Flags some time this week.

  I also did a little re-arranging down in the Gamers Bullpen (AKA my basement).  We upgraded our kitchen table, and moved the old one into the basement for "storage".  That combined with my old gaming table top that I built before I made my gaming tables...means we have three 6'x4' tables to play on.  So if we do get the 6th player on Saturday, we all can be rolling dice at the same time...if we want.  Can't freakin' wait!

Edit: (6/22/10) Finished the two Hive City tiles, All the Structures, and a set of 10 flags for all 6 of the confirmed armies.  I actually put 3 colors on the each of the flags for the armies, flag, pole, and finial (Which is the word for the ornament on top of a flag pole, trivia for the day).  Anyway the Planetary Empires box comes with 96 flags!  And you only need 10 hexes to win so...I still have 36 spare flags for replacements or to add 3 more forces to the campaign. Someone told me I really only needed to paint 9 for each army.  Yeah I know, but I would want to be able to plant the final winning flag in the map, not that I will be the one doing that, but I would want who ever does it to have that option.

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