Thursday, July 1, 2010

Turn 2 begins (July 2010)

Turn 1 has come to and end and Turn 2 has arrived.

Battles of Turn 1:
  Space Wolves defeat Greenhouse Guardians, Taking a tile with a ruin from them.
  Tau Empire defeat 95th Rifles Imperial Guard, Building a Shield generator in the center of their territory.

(For those wondering Yes, I realized after I made the first map that the Space Wolves were supposed to be on the South Pole not the North pole, so I made the swap.)

Couple of changes...Poe chimed in and decided to play Dark Eldar rather than Chaos Marines.  Adjusted the map and campaign standings chart.  Background story wise...I'll just have the Dark Eldar enter system by wiping out the entire Chaos Marine contingent. 

Turn 2 will last from July 1 to July 31st 2010.

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