Tuesday, July 6, 2010

IG vs. SM Spearhead battle

Rob and I got together Monday morning for a 2000 point Spearhead battle. Rob won the roll-off (rock, paper, scissors actually) to decide the rules and point total, and with all his IG vehicles it was silly of him not to play Spearhead. It was both of our first time playing these rules, and the first thing I can say is the game goes quickly.

Spearhead games are played lengthwise on the table, and terrain was set up first consisting of 5 wrecks, 2 ruins, and 2 bunkers placed equally at either end. We then rolled for the mission- drawing "Vital Ground". One 3 point objective was placed on one half of the table, and three 1 point objectives were placed on the other half. Objectives could be held by troops and tanks only. Because of his greater number of power stations bonus, Rob was +3 to all his set up rolls so needless to say he got to pick his deployment area. Also there was no "seize the initiative" roll for this mission (like I could have got it anyway). The deployment was "Escalation" which allowed for one Spearhead formation or three units to be deployed at the outset with all other units being held in reserve.

Rob chose the table end with the 3 point objective, and deployed 2 tanks and one Chimera. I deployed my Venerable Dreadnaught next to one objective, my jacked up Land Raider Terminus Ultra he allowed me to use from the Apoc rules (3 twin linked lascannons and 2 single lascannons for 300 points) next to another objective, and my Sniper scouts which I placed right behind his objective using infiltrate and scout.


Rob's first turn was uneventful, mine was used to move the scouts into the 3 point objective bunker and take out the lascannon on one his tanks with the Prometheus. Then the fun started.

Turn 2 and Rob started rolling for his reserves with his +3 ability, but still managed to not get his HQ and another tank on the board. The Baneblade, numerous tanks and transports, and the Valkyrie did come on though. His attempt to deep strike the Valk failed, and I got to place it from the roll on the mishap table. I placed it on some terrain far away but he made his dangerous terrain check. He shot a lot of stuff- especially at the scouts but couldn't penetrate the bunker.

My turn 2 reserve rolls were miserable, I managed to get a 5 man tac squad on the table. More shooting, and I managed to take out a lascannon on another tank.

Turn 3 and the rest of Rob's units were on the table. The scouts held tough in the bunker drawing a lot of fire, and most units moved forward. I took Darnath Lysander as my HQ, and of of his abilities is to fortify one ruin giving it a 3+ cover save. It saved the Dread on this turn as Rob dice were hot and it was looking bleak, but I managed to roll the saves.

On my third turn I managed to get a few more units on the table, including the Bike Squad, the other 5 man tac unit, and the Razorback. The scouts were pinned due to a stunned effect on the bunker, but more shooting from the Prometheus and the Dread managed to take out a tank and immobilize another.

Rob's turn 4 was a good one. He managed to destroy the bunker holding the 3 point objective and kill 3 scouts and break them in the process, thereby taking that objective. He also wiped out the bike squad with his mucho plasma cannon tank (I can't remember it's official name), rolling 3 of 4 hits on the scatter die in doing it. 8 hits on 3 bikes with a 3+ save was too much, they were vaporized. His Valk also took 4 of 5 of a tac squad I was running to an objective.

My turn 4 was not as good. I managed to finally get my Crusader with it's load on the table and the Predator. The 2 scouts rallied but missed with the Krak, and I immobilised a Chimera with the Prometheus. I also took out a 3 troopers with some assault cannon fire from the Crusader.

Rob took his turn with no dramatic results, at which point we decided to call the game a draw as we figured neither of us could get anywhere near the other's objectives anytime soon if at all. We both learned a lot about using the Spearhead rules- the main thing being a 6' foot long table is a long way to go. We both had some dumbass moments, which I'm sure neither of us will make again. The game was fun and quick, mostly I think because it was mainly armor shooting a gun or two at a time so there weren't tons of dice being dropped each turn, and there wasn't a single close combat in the game. That and the amount of reserves that didn't make the table early (mine especially) really speeded things up.

The draw sucks as neither of us get anything for playing the game, other than we're deeper in debt in wife points. Not a winning situation but it was fun playing Rob as always, I look forward to playing more games soon (Rob's birthday Friday).

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  1. YEAH, Nice writeup Fabby! Spearhead is a fun game, if you have lots of Armor.

    Things I learned from the game.

    1) Guard tanks are slow. I figured I was going to hold the one 3 point objective in my zone. Get to the other three in Fabs zone was the tough part. Going at most 6" +d6" is no way to cover 60" when you arrive on turn two.

    2) The Termanus Ultra Land Raider is pretty freakin good. Spearhead allows you to take a superheavy at cost with a damage roll to it if it starts on the table. But the Marines don't have a superheavy... Flipping through the Apoc book it only seemed fair to let Fabby use this beast as part of his spearhead force.

    3) Spearhead is Fun, I'll be using this against the rest of the players in our first battle, if I get the "Choose" the scenario rolls.